Data + Assistants + Strategy

Complete B2B Lead Gen Solution

Hire a pre-trained assistant with full access to our Database, IT Infrastructure and Proven Playbook for maximum results.

All Included for $8/hr.

Month-to-Month, No Other Fees.

  • Unlimited access to our database of valid B2B emails of all job titles, industries, company sizes, etc.
  • Coaching and Management by our Founding Partners (all US-Based Lead Gen Experts)
  • Access and Training on our Marketing Playbooks for maximum results
  • IT employees to set up your email infrastructure
  • Cloud and Server Subscriptions for life of your account with us
  • One-time Consulting on email copy strategy from our Founder

You’re In Control

When you use our team and data, you’re in control of the messaging, the cadence of the email campaigns and every other detail that you need control of to represent your brand the way you want it represented.

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Before we were a VA agency, we were (and still are) a highly-successful B2B lead generation agency.

With over a decade of email-based lead generation experience, we have a warm database, IT infrastructure, and experienced lead generation team to set up your own lead gen infrastructure and campaigns.

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Enterprise-Scale Database

We’ve helped recognizable global brands reach decision makers in Fortune 100 companies, at mom and pop stores, and everywhere in-between over the last decade. Over that time period we’ve amassed and cared for a massive CAN-SPAM compliant database that your assistant will have full-access to.

Since Valid Data is typically the most costly aspect of a marketing campaign, you will be getting access to many more decision makers on day-one and at a much lower cost than you would if you tried doing this in-house.

With every email interaction through our marketing processes, each lead permanently becomes your book of business.

What To Expect

In our experience, companies that have invested a lot in branding, have well-known thought-leaders, or have a no-brainer value proposition that can be effectively communicated in a couple sentences get more leads than what you see below.

The timeline and lead volume below represents an average brand with low brand recognition that is competing in a moderately competitive market. This average volume also assumes that the size of the market of decision-makers is average.

Want to get a better estimate? Let’s have a quick call, and we’ll be honest about what we’d predict for you.

You Don’t Pay a Dime Until:

  • You get a consultation and honest lead estimates
  • You interview and select your ideal assistant
Besides Your Assistant’s Hourly Fee, There are No Other Fees, Cancel Anytime

About Our Assistants

We recruit our teammates from the most elite talent pools in the Philippines. They are career-minded, college-educated and highly experienced (at least 2 years). We only hire the best English speakers with the sharpest minds and they are expecting to work during US business hours. They also know that they are the highest-paid of their peers.

Branded Email That You Own

When our IT specialists set up your Email-Sending infrastructure, we work with you to select a set of branded email domains and we create your email marketing machine on our servers and dedicated IPs. If you decide to quit (which you can do at any time), the domains and clean high-volume reputation of the domains permanently become your property.

Why Our VAs are Happy, Engaged and Successful

Download our 2-page PDF about why we are one of the most sought-after agencies to work for in the Philippines.

Optional 1-on-1 Consulting with our Managing Partner

Clients get the expertise behind dozens of highly successful B2B campaigns carried out by recognizable global brands at half the normal rate.

Our founder Cameron Postelwait, the managing partner of Granite Marketing and WorkforceWise, has over a decade of experience carrying out successful campaigns and is available for 1-on-1 coaching on email campaigns, copy, and cold email IT strategies at the reduced rate of $60/hr.

Get Lead Volume Estimates (email or phone):

If you wish to get an email from our founder (Cameron) regarding his estimates on monthly lead volume for your product/brand, please fill the optional fields below. Otherwise, please provide your contact info and we’ll reach out to schedule an appointment with Cameron to get some estimates made for you.

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