Virtual Assistant


Your VA can do anything that you can create a repeatable process around. Below are specific examples of solutions our staffers have experience fulfilling starting at $8/hr. Keep in mind that more advanced skill sets are offered at higher rates. Request resumes to get a custom quote.

Administrative Tasks

Our clients typically start by having their Virtual Assistant handle Day-to-Day tasks that usually get in the way of the really productive work.

Customer Service & Site Chat

Our VAs are highly experienced with chat, email and phone support and we can provide 24/7 coverage for your business.

Lead Generation

Execute lead generation campaigns through Email, Linkedin, SMS or Phone Calls with consistency to keep your sales team busy. Check out our Complete Cold Email Solution.

Executive Assistant

Have your VA with you at all times over video conferencing to keep your entire day (and life) functioning smoothly.

Sales Development (SDR)

Qualify leads with voice or email processes and set up appointments for your sales team.

Any Scripted Process

If you can provide the script, we can provide the team member to execute the strategy with the best English proficiency over the phone in the BPO industry.

Account Management

Nurture your client accounts with consistent human-guided programmatic outreach (email or phone) and keep lifetime value of your clients high.

Reporting and Data

Whether you need help organizing, entering/managing large amounts of data or creating beautiful reports, we’ve got you.

IT & Tech Support

Provide IT services for your organization or for your clients with 24/7 availability and tiered experience levels including email admin, database admin, website admin, and more.

Content Marketing

The secret to good SEO, Social Media, blogs, and other content-based marketing is consistency and web presence. Let our seasoned pros keep you relevant.

Web and Software Development

On the simpler end, we have WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc. specialists. On the advanced end we can handle QA tasks, Database tasks, HTML/CSS, Java Script, PHP and more.

Paperwork and Data Entry

We are often tasked with transcribing or digitizing vast amounts of information and we also have experience with paperwork that must be processed and filled out by a human.

Human Resources

Recruiting, Learning and Training, Onboarding and data management are just a few of our HR VA’s specialties.

Project Management

Seek buy-in and approvals from stakeholders and accelerate projects while always making sure your collaboration software is up-to-date.

Physician and Nurse Support

We have a division of medically-trained professionals that can do remote patient support, scribing and other tasks for MDs, PAs, NPs, DDS, and more. See more >>

Medical Office Assistants

Track claims, code procedures, support patients with appointment setting, and more with our experienced medical office assistants. See more>>

Questions? Set up a call with our US office or Request Resumes.