Fair Treatment

Fair Wage

Good Treatment is Good Business.

-Obvious statement made by smart CEOs around the world.

It’s important to us that we do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, but a side-benefit of treating our VAs well is that it’s good business.

We understand that the success of our virtual assistant services relies on the dedication and hard work of our talented team in the Philippines.

We are committed to providing a working environment that fosters respect, equity, and transparency. Our company upholds the principles of fairness, ensuring that every employee is treated with dignity and receives fair compensation for their valuable contributions.

Efficiency Wage Theory

The “Efficiency Wage” idea is at least as old as Henry Ford who was famous for paying rates significantly above what the market required to hire workers.

Efficiency Wage Theory suggests that workers are more productive, use more discretionary effort, and are much more loyal when they know they are being paid significantly more than their peers doing the same work.

The cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary.

Gallup’s Global Engagement Study, 2019

Just the cost of replacing your talent overshadows the marginal increase in salaries in an Efficiency Wage strategy.

Efficiency Wages are much more powerful than that. When workers feel trusted and valued, even your front-line salespeople begin to think more and more like executives and make better micro-decisions that quickly add up to more profit and a competitive advantage in your field.

For this reason, WorkforceWise believes in aggressive wage increases for VAs that return high marks from our client surveys. If the VA gives you an edge to succeed, we want the VA to financially succeed as well, even if their peers doing the same work get paid less in their job market.

One Job, One Life

We only select VAs that are career-minded and ambitious. Many of them, before working with us, have worked 2 or even 3 jobs simultaneously to provide the income that they desire for themselves and/or their families. Although this arrangement can provide extra income in the short run, it’s not good for anyone’s mental health to work that much. Not to mention, as talented as our people are, the work itself is inevitably going to suffer if they attempt to multi-task.

We pay an extra 50% – 200%+ the average market rate for this work because we aren’t pegging our wages to the market, we are pegging our wages to what can provide a living wage from one job, and the VA happily commits to exclusively work for our clients during the agreed work hours.

This creates the best work and happy clients, making it less necessary for us to spend money in attracting new clients. Not to mention, top-tier talent is the hardest thing to come by in our field.

Through our strategy and friendly work culture, our VAs are happy and our clients are happy, which means we’re happy.

Unfortunately, it’s a wide-spread practice for VA agencies to double-hire amongst their ranks to double profits per VA without letting the client know. We do not double-hire, and we ensure that our VAs are exclusive to our clients during scheduled work hours by paying a living wage, providing effective management, and gathering results from quarterly satisfaction surveys from our clients.